How does Foodella work?
It’s simple. Download the Foodela App and Sign-up. Order a Tiffin or subscribe for a monthly plan. Customize your tiffin as per your choice and place your order, all through the Foodella App.
How do I pay for the Tiffin?
It’s Cash on Delivery. You pay to the Foodella Delivery Boy after your tiffin is delivered to you. If you have subscribed to our monthly plan, you pay the plan amount after your first Tiffin is delivered.
Untill what time can I place order for lunch?
For lunch if you order before 11 am delivery is free of cost and from 11 am to 1 am you pay 20 Rs extra.You cannot order lunch after 1 pm.
Untill what time can I place order for Dinner?
For Dinner if you order before 6 pm delivery is free of cost and from 6 pm to 8 pm, you pay 20 Rs extra.You cannot order dinner after 8 pm.
Can I customize my Meal?
Yes, you can. You can select any two veggies from the list. Moreover, you can include any number of side orders. No extra Delivery charges.
What time are the Tiffins Delivered?
For lunch it is usually between 12:15 pm to 1:30 pm. And for dinner between 7:30 pm– 8:30 pm. The initial Delivery to a new address might take longer.
Can I cancel my tiffin?
You can cancel your lunch any time before 11 am ,we wont take any charge and for dinner you can cancel before 6 pm we wont take any charge. Any cancellation other than these timings wont be accepted. Tiffin cancellations after 6 pm will not be accepted. We are against Food Wastage.
What does it show Rs 20 Delivery charge in my meal?
If you order after 11 am for lunch or after 6 pm for dinner, we have an independent deliverymen for you to serve you hot so we charge Rs 20 Extra.
What is the Foodella Review?
We issue a review of our Tiffin Service every week and expect truthful responses from our users. These reviews help us shape our services to provide maximum user satisfaction.
What is the time period to avail my monthly plan?
You can use the 25 meals provided you within the span of 3 months either in lunch or dinner as per your preference. Going on a trip? Don’t worry. You can Freeze your Plan. Unfreeze the plan when you get back.