• Delivery for all our customers on new bookings would start same day post order confirmation.

  • Lunch delivery timings would be between 11.30am–2pm, and Dinner timings’ would be between 7.00pm-9.30pm.

  • Customers are requested to collect their trays within 10mins of intimation of their meal delivery at the customer’s location.

  • Delivery boys would not wait beyond 10mins at a customer’s location, as the delivery of other orders would be delayed.

  • Customer can also nominate an office staff or security person to collect the trays on their behalf.

  • We specifically request the customers not to give any order related requests to our delivery boys it terms of cancellations, carry forward etc. These requests would not be considered.

  • In case of wrong delivery, no delivery or delayed delivery beyond the mentioned times, please drop us an email or call us on our customer care number and we will resolve the issue on priority.

Cancellation or Carry Forward

All Cancellation or Carry forward request need to be made as below
  • The request can be entertained only if the intimation is done before 11.00 AM for lunch or before 6 PM for dinner. Request can be made by app,website or call.

  • All intimation post the cut-off timings mentioned will not be considered and the meal tray would be added to the customer’s account. However Foodella on its part would donate the particular meal tray to a NGO.

  • Kindly do not intimate through telephone or SMS or mailing any of our staff. We will not accept if the information of any change is intimated to our delivery boys. This WILL NOT BE entertained due to technical & logistics challenge.

  • In case of any exceptions then only give a call to our customer care number +91-8000698787 number update the same as per the stipulated time frame decided by Foodella Management.

Temporary Suspension

  • Customers have the options for temporary suspending (Freeze) their tray delivery, and this would be carried forward to the dates mentioned by you.

  • However cut-off timings for the intimation on this need be maintained as mentioned our Cancellation & Carry Forward guidelines.

You can reach us on for further details